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14 December 2009 @ 04:20 pm
This Year: 2009  
-Got called a sick fuck by Steve Righ? from MSI for telling him that he and his wife should have a threesome with Gerard Way.
-Showcased my American accent to the poor guy.
-Met two members of FTSK outside McDonalds on Valentines Day.
-Went down to London to see Judas Priest.
-Invention of kitchen table ping pong by flat N82.
-Saw Fall Out Boy second from the barrier.
-Met two members of Cobra Starship after the gig.
-Epic gig weekend: 4 gigs over 4 days.
-Saw John Barrowman in concert.
-Left Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University for good.
-Saw the Birthday Massacre.
-Went down London to spend Torchweek at Sadies.
-Met Gareth David-Lloyd before he ceased being Ianto.
-Went up to Glasgow to meet my Dean Hannah for the first time.
-Saw Lostprophets at the Academy.
-Started Leeds Metropolitan University.
-FINALLY saw Green Day. AT THE MOTHERFUCKING BARRIER. Best day of my life. Not even fucking kidding.
-Made it a year with Liz ♥
-Got @replied by Misha Collins on twitter.

Gig Count: 12
Partners: 1
Cigarettes: Too many to count
Shots of Southern Comfort: Likewise
All Nighters: Data cannot be retrieved
New Fandoms: 5
New Friends: Who knows how many, they are awesome regardless.
Hours listened to music: 10,000+
Number of famous people communications: 9
Conventions: 0 (will try harder next year)
New crushes obtained: 30+

A awesome year.
Current Mood: tiredtired