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19 December 2009 @ 12:43 am
Doctor/Master/Jack slash.

[A/N] Written for Laura. Sorry, I haven't got much into the porn yet sweetie. I was interrupted. But I PROMISE I finish this, tomorrow. I suck, I know. Hope you enjoy this so far. This is a really funny looking drabble. Ahem.


He never expected to see either of them again. Blue eyes. Brown eyes. Navy greatcoat. Black suits. Whispers of departure. Reluctant footsteps across Cardiff Bay. He certainly never expected to see him holding a knife to Jack's throat.
"I thought-" He stepped forward, the light from the barred window bathing his dark features with a golden glow.
"You thought wrong, Doctor." He replied, tightening his grip on Jack as his fingers made the blade of the knife dance across Jack's collarbone. The Doctor watched, enamoured at the action casting his eyes away from Jack's flawless collarbone. Streaks of red liquid fell against light golden skin. A gasp forced it's way from Jack's lips.

"Leave him alone, it's me you want."
"See Doctor. That's where you are wrong. Now. I'm going to make you a deal."
"Let Jack go. He's done nothing wrong."

"Oh, my precious Doctor. But he has - he teased me for a year, bending over in those tight trousers and flexing his biceps in the lovely chains I gave him to wear." He turned his eyes to Jack momentarily, "You looked gorgeous in those chains didn't you?"

Jack gave no answer.
"Now Doctor. Here is my offer. If you want to save Jack, it's a matter of sex or death."

The Doctor's eyes widened to the words spilling form his nemesis' lips. "But you-"
"I'd appreciate it if you started using my name, Doctor. I know I've been away for a year or two but I didn't think you'd forget your manners this quickly."

The Doctor gritted his teeth as he forced the name out. The name he hadn't used since the Year that Never Was. "Master."
"Now. About my offer. Do you wish to accept-" He quirked an eyebrow, "or decline?" He finished, holding the blade against Jack's throat once more.
"Come now Doctor. Don't be shy. The clock is ticking."

"I....I accept."
"Doctor-" Jack began, closing his eyes in defeat. The Master's grin widened, the insanity burned into his dark eyes. He pulled the knife away from the immortal's neck, replacing it with his tongue. He smiled at the blood mixing with his saliva, his tongue ran over the dips in Jack's toned collar bone leaving glistening trails over the marked skin. He pulled away from the other man and glanced at the Doctor, eyes dancing with desire.

"Strip." The Doctor closed his eyes and began to hurriedly pull off his pinstriped suit jacket. Suddenly, he felt cold fingers grasp his arm, caressing the skin through his shirt. He slid his eyelids open and saw his nemesis at his elbow, smug smirk plastered across his face.

"Slowly." The word rolled off his tongue. The Doctor bit his lip and stole a glance at Jack before he slowly undid the top two buttons on his shirt. The Master licked his lips and withdrew his hand from the other Time Lord's arm. Another button was released. However, his fingers slipped on the next button and the other Time Lord became impatient. The shirt was ripped open, navy buttons bounced in all directions.
"Oh Doctor, why have you been denying me this?" He asked, dropping the knife. The Doctor did not get to hiss a reply from his lips as they were attacked by another pair of chapped ones. The kiss was not gentle. It was full of spit, rage and passion. The Master bit the Doctor's bottom lip, causing the Time Lord to gasp at the unfamiliar sensation. His lips parted and a rough tongue was thrust into his mouth. It began to explore every crevice of the Doctor's submissive mouth, stroking the sides before thrusting itself against the Doctor's own tongue. The Doctor let out a low moan as the Master grasped hold of his arse, fingernails digging into the pinstripe material hanging from the Doctor's hips. He was so immersed in the kiss that he did not feel the other warm body moulding itself to his back, pushing the hands closer against his arse.

"Doctor..." The Master broke the kiss, licking his lips to catch every taste of the other Time Lord. The Doctor groaned at the loss of contact before he was wretched away from the tight grasp the Master held on him. He found himself staring into deep blue eyes.
"Sorry Doctor, but I've wanted this so long..." Jack grabbed hold of the Doctor's face, tilting it slightly to meet his own eyes. He lurched forward capturing the Time Lord's lips on his own. All that could be heard was the sounds of their teeth clacking together and the slap of their tongues exchanging saliva. The Doctor groaned into Jack's mouth as the immortal grasped hold of his tie, pulling him closer. Jack's tongue slid it's way around the Doctor's mouth attempting to lick every last trace of the last occupant out of it. The Doctor was so immersed in the kiss, he did not feel now familiar body press against his back and cold fingers snake their way into his trousers. He hissed, pulling away from Jack slightly as the fingers brushed against his half-hard dick.

"No underwear, Doctor?" The Doctor made no response to Jack's question and captured his lips once more, twisting his long fingers into the dark hair as the other fingers down his trousers began to dance over his skin before they grasped his dick firmly.
"Not hard, Doctor...That will never do..." The Master whispered, his breath echoing in the air of the Doctor's ear. He stroked the shaft of the Doctor's dick, before moving those talented fingers down to play with his balls.
"Does that feel good?"
"Erghhh." was the only response the Doctor could muster with his lip caught between Jack's teeth. Jack pulled away. "You shouldn't be the only one not getting any fun." He whispered to the Master before he pushed against the Doctor, further sandwiching the Time Lord between them. He pushed his lips on the Master's own whilst grinding his dick into the Doctor's thigh. The Master and Jack's tongue battled for dominance, all the while he was running his fingers up and down the shaft of the Doctor's dick, running a fingertip over the slit oozing pre-cum. He grinned in Jack's mouth as he felt the swell of the organ. He began to pump the shaft, hearing the Doctor's moans over the sounds of his and Jack's tongues attacking one another.
Jack tore his lips away from the Time Lords, "God, can't we just get down to it?" He moaned, eying the Doctor as though he was a particularly tasty dessert. The Master glanced down at the Doctor's cock, now standing to attention and straining against the pinstripe material still hanging off the Doctor's hips.
"Yes, we can. Go to the bed, both of you." Jack wasted no time, stripping off the tatted shirt hanging across his torso before he crouched next to the bed, awaiting his next orders. The Master finally lost his patience and tore the split shirt fully from the Doctor's body. The material hadn't even floated to the floor before the Doctor lost his trousers, leaving him standing in the middle of the room completely naked. The Master too shed his clothes as quickly as Jack had, before he gently urged the Doctor towards the bed. The Time Lord lay down on his back on the bed with the two other men looming over him, their gazes equally bleeding passion and desire.
The Master bent forward, spitting onto his fingers before he began grinding his erection into the Doctor's thigh whilst he licked a stripe down the Doctor's neck. His fingers slid down to the Time Lord's puckered and virgin hole. The Doctor gasped as he felt a cold finger circle his opening however, the shock died on his lips as Jack crouched down and pressed his lips against the Doctors, thrusting his tongue in and out and bruising the unmarked lips. The Doctor groaned at the warmth enveloping his mouth and forced his tongue into the corners of Jack's mouth just as the Master stopped swirling his finger around his opening and pushed the tip of his digit into the Doctor's tight heat. He began to wiggle the finger around in the opening, stretching it slightly. "Oh god." The Doctor managed against Jack's lips. Jack wrenched his lips away and burrowed his head in the Doctor's neck. He felt Jack's slightly warm breath ghost over his pure skin before his mouth latched onto his neck and began to suckle slowly. The Master smirked at this action and with the Doctor not paying attention, he forced his moist digit further into the Doctor's arse, stretching it slowly with his experienced fingers. The Doctor gasped slightly in pain at the intrusion and partly in pleasure at the warm and gentle kisses Jack was working into his neck.

The Master curled his finger slightly to brush slightly against the bundle of nerves in the tight heat. The Doctor bucked his hips and the Master smirked, knowing that he had found the other Time Lord's prostate. He twitched his finger against the prostate again, making the Doctor let out a loud moan. Jack looked up from his frenzied attack on the Doctor's neck. He and the Time Lord shared a silent understanding between them before Jack pulled away from the Time Lord flat on the bed. The Doctor groaned at the loss of contact and fixed his dark eyes upon the two men staring at him, hungrily. Jack moved down to where the Master was positioned. The Time Lord grinned at his nemesis before he pulled the digit out of the opening. He paused when his finger was halfway out and thrust it back in, picking up rhythm. Jack waited a few seconds until the air was filled with breathly moans and curses in Gallifreyian. He then pressed himself against the Master, holding his hand to the other man's mouth. The Time Lord took two of Jack's fingers in his mouth and sucked them. A dribble of saliva dribbled down the Master's chin as his tongue circled Jack's fingers. Jack then proceeded to pull his fingers away from the Time Lord's mouth and positioned them at the opening, still pulsing with the Master's single digit. He exchanged a glance with the Master before he eased two of his fingers into the tight heat, joining the lightly thrusting digit of the Time Lord.
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Lauraxgallifreygirlx on December 19th, 2009 10:06 am (UTC)
My Manlove
OMG! You are amazing. Thank you so much. Im hanging off the edge of my seat desperate for the full on shagging. Do finish them off...I mean it off soon. Luv ya <3