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25 June 2010 @ 04:52 pm
Smut Conversation.  
This is the epic text/twitter conversation I had this morning with three of my besties: Lena, Denise and Kim. A few of you wanted to see it (GOD KNOWS WHY YOU FILTHY BITCHES.) so here it is:


Lena: If you’re going to have sex with Misha, what position are you going to use? And don’t say you don’t know the Kama Sutra.

Me: Reverse cowgirl…umm…wait…what? I have no idea what you’re talking about. I’d just fuck him. Or rather he’d fuck me.

Lena: What if he wanted you to fuck him with a dildo? Would you let him? Oh, RDJ is on my TV now.

Me: Probably. He’d take it like a bitch. RDJ and Misha, I’m sure we’ve discussed this before, right L?

Lena: Yeah…he gone now. What about if Misha was fucking you in the Iron Man suit, bending you over and taking you?

Me: But isn’t that made out of steel or something? Is there like a small compartment for him to hang his cock out of?

Lena: Yeah, there are flaps in the suit. Misha needs easy access to his cock.

Kim: Miiiiisha in your crotch….

Me (To Kim): FUCK! Stop that! I’m going through a tunnel and I can feel the vibrations going through my leg!

 Me (To Lena): But come all over metal? Misha’s come is so amazing, it would erode the metal.

Kim: Ha ha ha ha ha. Misha’s giving you vibrations as he goes through your tunnel? Dirty? :P

Lena: He can carry a lot of tissues around with him, right?

Me (To Kim): My tunnel is very vast. I shouldn’t have told you that. I can feel him say “robot head.” As it vibrates…idek…

Me (To Lena): Misha would so use man-sized tissues. Because he’s a real man. With a real dick and everything. HE’S IRON MISH.

Kim: Ha ha ha ha. So, a robot with Misha’s voice is giving you head in a tunnel, what?! :P

Denise: Pfff, Iron man. Where’s the fun in that? You can’t see anything of him! Adam’s costume is much better.

Me (To Kim): No, apparently misha wearing the iron man suit. Which I do like. And I’m out of the tunnel now. Lucky huh?

Lena: Iron Mish? Well, he can save me anyday. As long as he fucks me afterwards. Man sized tissues? England is so weird…

Me (To Denise): But what if he bent you over and violated you with the iron man suit on? You wouldn’t like that at all? Maybe a Spiderman costume would be better?

Kim: So, Misha’s in the iron man suit giving you head in a tunnel? DAMN. Epic comic book geek porn, right there XD

Me (To Lena): England is not weird! Misha frequently streaks across football pitches with nothing but an England flag! And I see horses…

Lena: I’d prefer it to be a German flag! And you’re having sex with misha on a horse?!?

Me (To Kim): Yes. And I’m dressed as Pepper Potts. Apparently now, I’m having sex with misha on a horse? How would THAT work? Another tunnel…

Me (To Lena): What if he painted his whole body in the German colours? And I never said that! You assumed again!


Denise: AND YOU COMPLAIN ABOUT FILTH? Okay, he can violate me as hard as he wants as long as there is a mirror in front of me so I can watch him doing it XD

Kim: You’d have to have VERY good balance, but it could TOTALLY work. I’m pretty sure Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy did it all the time.


Me (To Denise): SEE? YOU’D FUCKING LOVE IT. Let him save youuu by taking your chastity belt, yes?

Lena: If he did that, I would make him the ruler of Germany. And guess what? My dad’s playing Elvis again…XD

Me (To Kim): Why am I thinking about this? I have a girlboner on the motherfucking train, Jesus.

Me (To Lena): oh fuck, now imagining Misha as Elvis…imagine how much more awesome his hair would be in a quiff…. *dies*

Kim: Because we’re all evil and love getting you hot and bothered? It’s why you love us. Mmmm. Misha going down on – crap. I’m meant to be looking for jobs, not spreading porn. Lol.

Denise: Lol what? Babe. I lost that annoying thing the first time Misha raped me…what? Elvis? Where did that come from? Now I see Misha with that hair…

Lena: You’re caught in my trap…you can’t walk out…you in Leeds yet?

Me (To Lena): Almost…I can see the Dalek…Misha in a Dalek costume? Also, Germany is the filthiest minded place ever.

Lena: It is not! I was innocent before I met you! England is filthier, you’re English. Anyway, I gotta go babe :)  

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