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13 June 2011 @ 07:41 pm
Asylum Europe Convention Report  


WARNINGS: Rambling, focus on my own experiences, gushing over the Nurplettes/Jared/Richard.

In no particular order; my special thanks go to Denise for persuading me to go to this convention and making me love spending every second of the experience with her as well as allowing me to stay with her for two weeks, to Ulrike for providing me with many special hugs over the weekend, to Sandra for so much hand-holding, to the Nurplettes for accepting me into their group so willingly and conversing in English so I could understand them, to Mark Sheppard for gifting me with a special nickname, to Jared Padalecki for shaking his wonderful hair at me when I asked him a question, to the two wonderful girls in Mark’s coffee lounge, and all the people I had the pleasure of meeting.

I suppose you could say my convention experience started on the 18th May as my journey to Germany began. I won’t bore you with all the details as inevitably there was lots of waiting (waiting at the train station, doing crossword puzzles in the old newspapers, waiting in the airport). I checked in (took me a while, I’m used to people doing it for me) checked my baggage in, got frisked by airport security and into the airport I went. Ate food. Did crosswords. Needed the bathroom as soon as the gate opened. The usual stuff. Then finally, I got on the plane. This was an accomplishment in itself; I have never flown alone before. The guy at security remarked I looked a bit nervous. But anyway, I got on the plane. I unfortunately picked the short straw in that I had selected an aisle seat and the two people in the other seats had lovely huge German newspapers that obscured my first view of Munich. Sigh. Anyway, I landed in Munich, and the first thing I realised when I stepped onto the asphalt of the airport was that I wouldn’t be needing my jacket anymore. I got through customs (with a weird look from the guy at passport control) and onto baggage reclaim. Thankfully, my bag appeared fairly quickly and I was finally able to proceed to the arrivals gate where I met my darling husband Denise. Well, I say met, I mean flung myself to her and didn’t let go. I hadn’t seen her since October so it was amazing to finally hold her again. I was shaking for a good five minutes afterwards. I missed her so much; I miss her now for god’s sake   I finally got my first view of Munich in the dying sunlight. We got onto a train and hugged quite a fair bit. It was mostly like “Oh my god, I can’t believe I am here.” Then we had to catch another train (well, run for it actually, which involved me passing over my suitcase to Denise to carry because my phone took a swandive down the steps of the train station) Cue more laughing at everything because it was in German and remarking how strange everything was. I really miss it now. Then we arrived at the station and Denise bundled me and my suitcase into her car for the two minute drive to her place. Then, the rest of the evening, we spent a little time online, hugging and finally got into bed.

19th May

Thursday was spent; packing, freaking out about the convention and watching Stonehenge Apocalypse with Denise. I mean, fast-forwarding through all the Mishaless scenes. We’re that awesome.

20th May

Our journey began fairly early in the morning. Me and Denise drove to Ulrike’s place to pick her and her many many suitcases up. Then we drove for three hours, listening to the CDs of Supernatural and cheesy pop music I had made and talked about random things like Doctor Who and Cardiff. It was a relatively easy journey; but I had a few freakouts about how fast Denise drove on the autobahn. Then we finally reached Mannheim, Denise and I started freaking out as we passed the Dorint looking for a place to park. We got to the hotel pretty early; we sat around with quite a few people watching the businessmen slowly run away from the sudden influx of multiplying fangirls. Christina appeared and I ran at her as she came through the revolving doors and screamed rather loudly. We hugged for like 5 minutes and I couldn’t stop shaking because I couldn’t believe she was there. She gave me a beautiful present; a demon hunting kit. After the exchanging of many hugs, we all decided to go see if we could register. I was worried as I was in group C and everyone else was in group A but Christina managed to smuggle me in and I registered at the same time as everyone in Group A. Then we had to stand in line to collect our pre-paid photo ops. Since I registered early, there wasn’t much of a queue but I do think they could have organised that a little better because apparently, it was chaos with the later groups. I was a little worried since I didn’t have proof of payment for my Jensen and Richard/Mark double but it turned out okay in the end because I didn’t need it. Then we went to the vendors tables and I bought a Jared photo op, a Jared autograph and a Richard coffee lounge.

After we all bought other photo ops and autographs, we went back down to the foyer. I saw Sandra again and got to hug her and I was introduced to Cara, Birdie and Cat. They even spoke in English because I was there. It was pretty sweet, since I was the only English girl there that everyone spoke in English even though it wasn’t their mother tongue so that I would understand, I was touched :) I got hugs off everyone too and they all said how small I was. Ha. I managed to catch Lana and Sita for quick hugs. Arwen also showed up behind my chair and I didn’t realise it was her at first. But I gave her a hug and she told me she liked my accent before she dashed off to registration. We all hung in the foyer talking about random stuff and did the quiz given to us in the registration pack before going off to lunch at this Italian place a few blocks down. Me, Birdie and Sandra ordered pizza and we were given this machine that vibrated when your food was ready.  Sandra decided it freaked her too much so I was assigned ‘vibrator duty.’ When our food was ready, it vibrated relentlessly so we dashed downstairs to collect our pizzas. They were insanely huge. Everyone said I wouldn’t finish mine and they were right.

After lunch, we went back to the hotel and had deep meaningful conversations about our feelings  Nadja texted Denise to let her know she was at the hotel and we went down to the foyer to greet her. We waited with Nadja so she could register. Nadja bought me a lovely present; lots of German sweets and chocolate and even beer to try. Denise, Ulrike and I then decided to go to our hotel and check in. We quickly unpacked and unloaded some of our stuff into the hotel room. It was awesome because there were 4 beds and we weren’t expecting that. We went back to the con hotel, meeting Christina on the way there who gave me a slice of the cheesecake she had bought for me. We ended up having our own little convention Nurplette party on the stairs. Ulrike happened to be in the right place at the right time and got asked to pick up Jared and Gen from the airport *squee* A girl came around with candy so we all got candy. Then we spotted Mark Sheppard and Fredric Lehne in the bar. I started squeeing really loudly until everyone calmed me down. There were also quite a few “So two demons walk into a bar...” jokes. I won’t go into great detail about our shenanigans over the next couple of hours but it involved Birdie putting the candy eyeball in her mouth, me deepthroating a cucumber, Sandra having JBtS (Nadja’s famous spider) on her head constantly, trying on Cat’s hat and ‘table dancing.’ Denise left early because she wanted to get more sleep than I did. Me, Sandra and Cara then walked back to the convention hotel, pretty early in the evening because we had plans to watch the finale in the morning.

21st May

Denise and I woke up at 5AM to go and watch the Supernatural finale at the wonderful Birdie’s place. Sandra, Cara and Nadja joined us late because poor Sandra couldn’t get her contact lenses into her eyes. (She pulled them out in the street the night before, seriously.) The wonderful Birdie and Cat provided us starving minions with coffee, tea and breakfast. I didn’t eat much because I got nauseous and nervous. We watched the finale on the huge projector – Misha’s face on half the wall *licks* I think by the end of the episode, we were all screaming and flailing a little because seriously, Cas as God? After the episode finished at 8AM, we headed back to the convention hotel as Nadja wanted to buy tickets for Richard’s coffee lounge on the Sunday. We were flailing and saying how Cas should have a throne but on the way back we all decided to keep quiet about what we had just seen. We entered the hotel and went through to the Congress Centre. Arwen met with us there. There was a glass hallway in between the hotel and the centre and people were queuing in there. The queue was long and it was really hot in there. I was freaking out a little bit because I didn’t know what to expect. Sandra was kind enough to hold my hand though. We finally were able to enter the panel room and we got pretty good seats near the front. The lights dimmed and Asylum Europe 2 officially began.

The Safety Announcements started and we were surprised when Doug appeared on stage as he’d been telling us for weeks that he had been replaced. We were like ‘we should kill him for lying to us like that!’ But it was a lovely surprise, especially for my first convention that there was a familiar face. However, he was accompanied by a German girl which I didn’t think was necessary as I think all the people at the convention spoke English, how would they understand the guests, seriously? But anyway, after the announcements was the opening ceremony. All the guests came onto the stage and I swear at that moment, I had tears in my eyes because I was so overwhelmed. After a long year of waiting and planning, I had finally made it to my first ever convention and it was an amazing feeling. I can’t even describe it properly. I squealed so loud when I finally saw Richard. Jensen’s panel started immediately after the ceremony. I really wanted to get up and ask a question but I was feeling a little bit nervous so Sandra who also had a question agreed to come up with me. She held my hand a couple of times whilst he was answering other questions. Jensen was a wonderful guest, he was in such a good mood that morning, bantering with everyone who asked him questions. He looked beautiful and like he genuinely wanted to be at the convention. I told the steward my question and she remarked that I looked nervous. I replied that I was because ‘It’s Jensen Ackles.’ But she accepted my question and I stepped up to the microphone. He stared at me. I think I died on the spot. I asked him what Dean would have studied at university other than women. He said sororities or auto-mechanics. I then asked him if Dean would consider being a PE teacher and he launched into this long story about After School Special. He thanked me for my question and Sandra asked her question about if Jensen ever considered Dean to be out of character in scripts. I can’t remember his response because I was so dazed – sorry!

After the panel finished, we went to try get our autographs. However, there was a little confusion as they were only allowing Groups A and B to claim their autographs. I thought they could have organised the groups a little better – the upgrades and Group A had to be in several places at once whilst the other groups sat around bored. But eventually the guy let me, Nadja and Cara in to get our autographs. First, I approached Jared because he didn’t have a queue for his signature. I made a bit of a fool for myself as I didn’t pass my DVD to his PA straightaway. Then I eventually twigged and handed it over; apologising by saying ‘I’m sorry, I’m so frazzled.’ And Jared looked at me, smiled and said ‘It’s alright.’ I died in that moment. Then I joined Mark’s queue as it was the shorter out of his and Richards. I handed Mark my Doctor Who picture and though I didn’t ask, he wrote underneath “CED III.” I said ‘Oh, you wrote Canton.’. He told me ,‘So you know who I am.’ And I replied ‘I know who you are, I watch Doctor Who!’. He laughed. Finally, I got into Richard’s queue with Nadja. We were both excited to meet him probably more because of Band of Brothers than Supernatural. I asked him to not sign so large because I am hopefully going to Jumping for Heroes so I wanted to get the other guys signatures and he obliged. He was so lovely and he signed underneath his name ‘Sgt. Muck.’. 

We must have spent a long time in the signing room because when we emerged, Arwen and Denise told us that they were shouting last call for Jensen photo ops. There was a bit of confusion as they had only called the upgrades and Group A. So me and Nadja had to quickly locate Cara who was still in the signing room before the call for Jensen’s photo op ended. Thankfully, she appeared and we dashed off to the photo room. Jensen said ‘hi’ when I came up and I asked him to hold the fake ID I made and he obliged. I am pretty happy with my Jensen photo op – he looks so suave! He even looked at the ID! I was so happy that we were allowed props at our con, it made my pictures look so much better. 

After meeting back up with Denise and Arwen, we went to the Fred and Brock panel. It was hilarious. Fred told us lots of funny stories about people recognising him as the Yellow Eyed Demon. I thought Brock was a little quiet but he did wonderfully for his second convention. After the panel, me and the girls went to McDonalds for lunch. I ordered in German, I was so proud of myself! We sat in this lovely park and ate our burgers, though the grass was slightly damp so we got pretty big damp patches on our asses. Haha. After quickly eating, we went back to the convention hotel for the next panel . Mark Sheppard. He kept shouting at everyone who hadn’t seen the Supernatural finale and told us all to watch it by tomorrow because he would spoil. He said “Welcome to Germany. Orders everywhere.” and he insulted Jared because people were leaving his panel to go to Jared’s photo op. Ha. I got up to ask question again. I came up to the microphone and asked him if his sonic screwdriver would be bigger than David Tennant or Matt Smith’s. As I was asking him my question, he paced back and forth on the stage in front of me. He said ‘Am I intimidating you?’ and I replied, ‘A little’. He then answered my question indirectly, or as I learned quickly, the Mark Sheppard way. He said he didn’t need a screwdriver because he had a gun and I retorted, ‘But you didn’t use it. You didn’t kill anyone.’ He replied, ‘Yes, I did. I killed a Silence but you would have known that if you watched the show!’ Yes, I got told off by Mark Sheppard and I’m proud of the fact.

Before Mark’s panel ended, Denise and I had to dash off to Richard’s coffee lounge. There, we met Ulrike (who got the wonderful job of supervising the coffee lounges all weekend!)  Richard came in, all bubbly and ready for questions. But he first asked if there were any newbies in the room. I was the only one who raised my hand. Richard asked me why I had taken so long to go to a convention and I replied that I was scared and it was overwhelming since the first person I met was Jensen. He then went around the room asking us for our names, hometown and whether we were a Dean or Sam girl. When I said I was a Sam girl, he said ‘You’re meeting Jared this afternoon? You’re screwed!’ He told Denise she couldn’t pick Cas too. He was asked questions about Jericho and mentioned nuts. I piped up about Donnie Wahlberg’s nuts. He must have thought I was a psycho. I plucked up the courage to ask him about Band of Brothers. I asked why he auditioned for the role of Skip Muck, as there was little source material for him to base the character on. He said he originally auditioned for the role of Lipton. LIPTON. He also said they still are all in regular contact with one another and there are certain members of the crew that have retained their character names like Perconte and Randleman. He thanked me for my questions and he talked for so long about it, the coffee lounge time was up!

Me and Denise ran off to Jared’s photo shoot. As expected, it was last call but we both managed to get our pictures. I was so happy I managed to get my prop into the shoot. Jared smiled and said ‘Hi’ to me as I walked over to him. He looked at the board and laughed then the picture got taken. I love it because he is smiling but it isn’t an overly broad grin. And our hair touched *g* After our photos were taken, we went off to Richard’s panel. Mark crashed the panel and now I know – when those two get together, it is utter chaos. They both ended up in the audience, running around like idiots. Mark sat down next to people who didn’t get up for questions and asked them for questions to Richard. The one that sticks in my brain is the ‘Do you shower daily?’ question. Also, Cat asked Richard about the Trickster going undercover as the Pepsi man and Richard dashed backstage and presented her with a hat!

After Richard’s panel had finished, it was a mad dash to the photo studio to get our photos with Richard taken. We were in the queue and I put my war stripes on with eyeliner and readied my spoon. Nobody seemed to get the reference. I was so sad! I approached Richard and asked him if he would poke me with the spoon. His face was legendary. He also said in response ‘That is the weirdest question I’ve ever been asked.’ Score!

The final panel of the day was Jared’s. It was amazing because when you asked a question, Jared came and sat in front of you. He was inches away, seriously. I went up intending to ask about Castiel’s handprint but somebody else beat me to the question so I had to quickly think of another. I asked him how much he thought Sam’s hair would be worth if it was insured. He looked straight at me, smiled, shook his hair and said ‘You tell me.’ He told us this story about wigs and how he would have to have a wig made but he kept glancing at me and I kept dying because this beautiful man is sitting inches from me, looking at me. He also mentioned he had stayed in Munich the previous summer which Denise was very gutted about, since she lives there! After Jared’s panel was over, we congregated in the foyer. Then, for some reason, they asked if any Richard and Mark doubles wanted to shoot today rather than tomorrow. Denise had been dressed as Castiel all day for her photo ops and I didn’t want to see her suffer through another two photos on the Sunday so we decided to do it there and then. (I’ve worn a Castiel outfit, they are extremely uncomfortable at times)  It wasn’t what we intended but I told her that I thought I had my sonic screwdriver in my bag. Thankfully, I did have it and we made up the idea of having angels v Doctor Who. I was so pleased with that photo; it is my favourite because it was done completely on a whim. We intended to do something different but the guys really went for it. We asked Richard to mime clicking, Denise knew to do her Castiel pose and Mark didn’t even ask for directions, he just said ‘I’ll be Canton.’ After the photo shoots were over, we decided to head back to the hotel so Denise could get out of her Castiel costume for a while. It took forever because the bloody Mannheim marathon was on so all the streets were caged off. Not amused. Denise took a shower and I changed into my Doctor costume and went down to Sandra, Cara and Nadja’s room. I introduced them to Jammie Dodgers. Denise soon joined us again in her Castiel outfit and she, Sandra and I set off for the hotel to go to the Jason Manns concert. Before it started, we were able to pick up our Jensen, Richard and double photos. The concert was great. Richard and Fred ended up coming into the concert and Richard played ‘I only love you when I’m drunk’.  Apparently, Danneel was at the concert too but I didn’t see her there, bit of a shame.
After the concert was over, a lot of people left. It was a little strange since I thought that the Saturday party is always the more popular one. But as always the Nurplettes threw their own party in the back of the function room. We had lots of fun writhing against each other and taking pictures in ridiculous poses. I even got a piggy back  ride from Ulrike *g* We eventually got tired and left for the hotel.

22nd May

Finally a bit of a lie in! Still had to be up reasonably early. I collected my Jared photo and bought another Richard photo because I decided that I needed to touch him second time around. Arwen, Nadja and I went off  to the announcements whilst Denise stayed so she could get her J2 photo op early. After the announcements were over, Arwen dashed off to get her J2 photo op and I found a Richard coffee lounge ticket in the hall. Been the nice person that I am, I followed Nadja to the place where Richard’s coffee lounge was been held as she had a ticket for it, and we handed it to Theresa. I think the girl who lost it actually did get in so yay for good deeds :) I waited with Nadja for a little while then I decided to go buy a Mark Sheppard coffee lounge on a whim. So I bought a Mark coffee lounge and quickly ran off to the room where it was been held. I got the third seat away from Mark. I helped myself to tea, it was pretty crappy tea and Mark seemed to think so too as he asked Ulrike for coffee. He went around the room asking us for our name and where we came from. Obviously, I was the only English girl again so I said ‘Leeds.’ And I replied ‘That doesn’t count!’. He got asked about Crowley, Sherlock and Doctor Who. I asked him if he’d make a deal with the Doctor. We also discussed the finale. He told me off again for asking too many questions. But he made eye contact with me- again! Squee! He also made us think about Crowley’s status and kept baiting us with information then saying he was lying the whole time.

After Mark’s coffee lounge ended, it was off to Richard’s panel which was as interactive as ever. He climbed into the audience and hugged nervous people. I think my highlight was when he talked about the Pepsi commercials and Snoop Dogg’s manager told him that he had a huge online fanbase, ‘But who the hell is Gabriel?’. When Doug came to retrieve him to do the photo ops, he walked up to the camera at the back of the room and started poking Doug who was standing on the stage. He looked so good. Okay, I must stop gushing over Richard but he looked great. I’m not saying he didn’t look great the day before but he was hiding his hair underneath the hat and on this day, he was wearing a plaid shirt. Okay, I will stop now. After his panel, Denise, Arwen, Nadja and I went off for another Richard photo op. I asked him if he would pose dancing with me and he did. His hands were so warm. And I loved the fact that we had matching plaid shirts.

Mark’s stage talk followed the photo ops. I decided to get up once more and torture myself. I approached the microphone and he said ‘Hey Leeds.’ I think I died in that moment. Mark Sheppard gave me a nickname. The King of Hell gave me a nickname. I asked him if he had a throne in hell and he replied ‘Crowley’s version of hell is very different. He likes to play games.’ In response, I said ‘What, like Scrabble?’ Eventually, the steward had to pull me away. Haha. Mark also announced himself for A7 and for AE3. So I get to see him again twice! Richard then crashed Mark’s panel and they began tearing around the conventional hall wreaking havoc once more. Unfortunately, Denise and I had to leave this amazing panel and we missed Richard and Mark slow dancing because we needed Jensen’s autograph. Jared and Jensen in the same room made up for this though as when they came back from autograph break, they interacted with a baby. J2 and a baby. My fangirl heart died. I also got Brock’s autograph and Fred’s. Fred was so lovely. He remarked that I was nervous and I said ‘Well, you are the Yellow Eyed Demon, surely you’re a little mean?’ He said ‘Of course not’ and signed his name. He then slid the book closer to me and said ‘Aren’t you going to take it?’ As I did, he shut the book on my hand and said ‘Maybe I am a little bit evil.’ After we collected our autograph from Jensen, (he laughed at Denise’s photo btw) we went back to catch the last few seconds of the Mark panel. After it finished, we went to go get lunch. We were walking back to the foyer when suddenly Jared and Jensen appeared. They were on autograph break and they walked past us swarmed with bodyguards. I spotted Jared instantly and smiled widely at him. He smiled back and said ‘Hi guys.’ Though he was addressing all of us, I felt like he was smiling back at me because I smiled at him. *lame* But anyway, I had to grab onto Arwen and hyperventilate because I was faced with Jared Padalecki’s dimples. They are my weakness. Birdie, Denise, Cat, Arwen and I had lunch at the Italian restaurant again. Arwen ordered for me because I was a bit rocky with my German. I didn’t eat much, I was too nervous. On the way back, I bumped into Cara and Nadja eating fries outside the hotel. I joined their conversation for a bit. Fredric Lehne came outside and started smoking. It was so surreal!

Fred’s panel was after lunch. He told us about swearing in German and Cara asked him how many languages he spoke. I went up to ask him who would win in a fight between Crowley and the Yellow Eyed Demon. He called me sweetheart and winked at me after I’d asked my question! That man is so ridiculously awesome, he doesn’t get more than enough credit at conventions seriously. He was an amazing guest. Me and Nadja went to the bathroom before the next panel and we bumped into Diana who actually asked me if I was valentineskid. I was so surprised that people at the convention knew my twitter name. We didn’t have much time to chat but I told her to add me and I would return the follow. Brock’s panel was next and I think he did amazingly to say it was his first panel alone. Apparently, he did the ones at A6 with Cindy. He kept saying he woke up in the morning feeling like “I’m a hero.” He said it in that Dean Winchester voice of his and he said he’d like to live in the 70s because sex was free. He definitely gained confidence on the stage. Then a girl approached him and asked him to sing because Jason Manns told us the night before that Brock was supposed to sing at the concert and he said we should make him feel guilty about missing it. Unfortunately, Brock didn’t know the lyrics so a girl approached the microphone holding her phone with the lyrics on the screen. We all started singing Crazy Love and he heard Birdie belting out the words and said ‘Where is that girl? Get her on stage!’ So Birdie obliged and got on stage with Brock and conducted a singalong!

After Brock’s panel, Cara, Denise, Nadja, Sandra and I ran off to quickly get our photo op with Brian, Wayne and Doug. The money we all paid for the photo went to charity apparently so we were all for paying towards a good cause and it also got a photo each of all of us together which was really nice. It was hilarious as it took us about 4 shots to get a good picture and then Doug got a wedgie from Wayne or something and he was trying to pull his underwear out of his bum. The photographer took a picture of that too. As we walked back to the stage talk, Arwen texted Denise to warn her that the seats we had placed our bags on were about to be taken by other people. We dashed back to the auditorium, just in time for Jared and Jensen’s panel. They were a little late and the panel didn’t run over as expected but I was so happy to finally see the two of them interacting on stage together. I felt like crying a little, no joke. There were several cute moments, it was nice to see them bantering with each other. My highlights were Jensen imitating Jared on a small horse, (we got to see the bow legs, guys, seriously), Jared sulking because people kept asking questions to Jensen and not him and when Jensen recounted the time that a young boy walked into him; he opened his mouth really wide and Jared, the sweetheart that he is, closed it for him. Then, the closing ceremony was upon us. I couldn’t believe it was all over. All the guests bar Mark and Richard came onstage and let us know what a wonderful time they had had in Germany and how much they enjoyed the convention. The convention was not officially over though. Me and the Nurplettes hung around in the foyer of the convention hotel writing things in various people’s journals, taking pictures, hugging and been idiots. It was weird to see the hotel empty of fangirls as the businessmen who had been forced into hiding all weekend suddenly appeared once more. We were given our charity shoot photos back and then it was time to say goodbye to Cat and Birdie. I had hoped that we would be reunited at AE3, (At this point, I was still on the fence about going but I bought my ticket like a day or two after we got back to Denise’s) but alas, neither of them are going to be there but I hope I will see them in future. Nadja, Denise, Sandra, Ulrike, Cara, Arwen and I made our way back to Sandra, Cara and Nadja’s hotel room. Me and Nadja kept singing ‘Staying Alive’ in high pitched voices on the way there. We got everyone joining in too. We also sang Yellow Submarine and I’ve Had the Time of My Life. *g* To cut a long and boring story short – at the time Denise booked our hotel, I wasn’t sure how long I could spend in Germany so we only booked for the Friday and Saturday and had to check out on the Sunday morning so we moved our cases into their room. Time was spent hugging, talking about random things and Ulrike kept playing a game with me where I had to guess words in both German and English. Nadja spotted the luggage tag on my suitcase that read ‘MUC’ from my journey over to Germany and wrote a K on the end. Everyone laughed at my pronunciation of things in German. Denise decided that she was up to driving the four hours back to Munich that night so she, Ulrike and I had to say goodbye to Sandra, Cara, Nadja and Arwen. There was lots of hugging and sad text messages from Nadja who missed us the second we left the hotel. We got in the Mishamobile, which was ruined by parking under a tree. He was all sticky. My poor husband was distraught! We had conversations about various things like driving, school and Castiel on the way home and stopped off at Burger King. I once more ordered in German. I was so proud of myself, seriously. Speaking German in a Yorkshire accent is not easy. We finally reached Bavaria again and dropped off Ulrike at her house then Denise and I continued on to her place. We stopped off for petrol and the big joke about petrol been Dean’s come came in existence as she had to ‘fill up Misha’. We ended up singing Bruno Mars and Lady Gaga too. *g* Then it was off to bed because we were so very dead.

And with this, I bring this convention report to an end. I did spend another week in Germany spending time with Denise which I adored because she showed me around Munich and I finally met her parents and saw her hometown too. We finally got to watch football together and spend quality time for one another; the second time ever. But anyway, this convention weekend was an absolutely amazing experience and it is the reason that I am now convention addicted. I already had my A7 ticket ordered before this convention but after the weekend, I went and ordered a ticket for next year because I had so much fun. People kept telling me that it was going to be stressful with Jared and Jensen there but I didn’t get that impression at all. The German people around me were so respectful of their privacy and so polite. I haven’t been to an English convention yet but I get the feeling it probably won’t be the same. I do not regret a single thing about this convention. Everything was what I expected and more. However, though I had interactions with Jared and Jensen, I left the con in love with Mark and Richard. It was not only because their panels were hilarious, but because of the memories they left me with.

All in all, it was a fantastic weekend, something that I will probably not experience again (you only get to lose your con virginity once) and I have made so many memories with friends, new and old.

Until, A7!



What I learnt from AE2;

·         - You will spend more than you initially intended to. I spent money on another photo op and a coffee lounge because I underestimated how sexy Richard Speight Jr. actually is.

·         - You must keep eye contact with Mark Sheppard. He knows if you’re nervous.

·         - You will not sleep. You won’t. No matter how hard you try.

·        -  Losing your convention virginity is a relatively painless experience.

·        - You will get groped. There is no doubt about this. I have never had so much physical touching in one weekend before. And I am pretty damn handsy.

·        -  Fangirling is mandatory.

·         - The Nurplettes have and always will throw their own parties and they are the only parties worth going to.

·       -  Post-convention blues don’t happen when you have a husband Denise.

·         You will inevitably pack a lot of shit for the convention that you don’t actually use.

·         -You’d be surprised how many people will recognise you.

·         - Eating at the convention? Won’t happen. Me and the girls never finished our food we ate there.

·         - Mark Sheppard will never give you a straight answer.

·         - You should not drink tea at the coffee lounges. Because German tea is vile and it is rude to spit it out in front of the guests.

·         - Being a foreigner will inevitably get you noticed.

·         - There is actually a lot of dashing about to get from one place to the next.

·         - In the end, your group number doesn’t really matter.

·         - Jared’s dimples are in fact deadly.

·        -  Everyone wants to be a Nurplette.

·         - Doug Inman is a really bad liar.

·        -  Germany is an incredibly warm country.

·         - There is never a good time to go collect your autographs from the guests.

·         - Businessmen are terrified of fangirls.

·         - It is totally okay to fangirl together and take stalker photos of Mark and Fred in the bar. In fact, this is completely the norm.


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Ms Caralicious ~: tvd » damon sunglassesfrozenglibber on June 13th, 2011 07:24 pm (UTC)
Cara asked him how many languages he spoke.
Actually I asked how much German he spoke BUT IT'S OKAY. :D <3

Ahh. Con Report. I'm SO looking forward to next year. To see you again and hug the hell outta you. And squee over Ian and Misha and ahhh. <3333333 Also. Insurgence 4 & meeting you in England HAS. TO. HAPPEN.