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the valentines kid.

saving the world in my pyjamas.

kaptain misha
23 March
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"There’s a risk that some people won’t come back to watch now that Ianto’s gone. I thank them for watching the show and I recommend they go watch Supernatural, because those boys are beautiful. And don’t tell me they’re brothers. Not in my mind." - Russell T. Davies, the highest paid slasher in the business.

--- y'know what Russell? I FUCKING WILL, THANKS.


Fuck yeah, it's true. Friday 4th December 2009, THE Misha Collins actually replied to me. I am safe in the knowledge he thinks I'm an alcoholic.

sazuh or sazuhia geekus; also known as saz, clark kent, han solo, dr. saz, sarah, sj, s, ruby + pixie.
Known as 'Leeds' by Mark Sheppard.
a species that originates from somewhere in the northern part of the united kingdom. a stereotypical northern british girl. wannabe tre' cool/time lord who lives in converse, skinny jeans that are more hole than denim and fake leather jackets. vegetarian alcoholic who smokes like a chimney and swears like a trooper.

occupation: you know, saving people, hunting things, the family business bounty hunter student who has a big gob that gets her in trouble. student. part time minion. full time geek. tea drinker. queen of geeks. part time marksharite and football slasher.

strengths: friendly and loyal with a dash of British sarcasm. has the ability to make people laugh and often randomly bursts into random classic rock songs just because it's too quiet.

weaknesses: bipolar type II; mood changes faster than you can change gears on your car. very clumsy, goes into squee mode way too easily when faced with attractive men and women. has train wreck syndrome and a peter pan complex.

special skills: shooting down smartasses with my wit, born of the vegan ninjas trained by andy hurley, lying my way out of shit and a master of disguise.

weapons: mostly my words. but I got one kickass stake. and my sonic screwdriver. oh, and the Colt. prepared, see?

weaknesses: regular insomniac who relies on black coffee and Dr Pepper to function, weakened by adorable manlove and shiny things.

other things of importance: soundtrack to life is david bowie, lady gaga, our lady peace, muse, ac/dc and marvin gaye, watches old 70s cop shows and the winchester brothers, reads comic books and loves glitter all in the hope of attempting to be unique. i'm awesome at finding obscure films that my favourite actors are in. i pass between obsessions quickly.
trainee time traveller and general queen of geekery.

if there's two dicks, i'll probably ship it. i am a shameless slasher

get to know me?

p.s. i live in the library.

11:11, art, back to the future, beatles, becks, benedict cumberbatch, blackpool, bobby, books, captain jack harkness, cardiff, castiel, celebratory manpiles, chicago, chris fine, chris garver, christopher eccleston, chuck palahnuik, cities, classic rock, comics, conventions, crosswords, cuddles, cupcakes, dancing, daniel faraday, david tennant, dean winchester, desmond hume, disney movies, doctor who, dom howard, donna noble, dr john watson, dr. pepper, edward norton, empires, fall out boy, fight club, fine ass men, foreign accents, galaxies, gareth david-lloyd, gay pride, gay rights, ghost stories, gigs, glasgow, glitter, good omens, gqmf, green day, hugs, ianto jones, innuendos, insomnia, it's football not soccer, jacob, japanese culture, jared padalecki, jeffrey dean morgan, jensen ackles, john barrowman, john simm, lady gaga, libraries, life on mars, london, lost, lu-lu-lukas podolski, lyrics, making lists, manchester, manchester united, manlove, marksha, misha collins, muse, music, my husband, neverland, owen harper, parades, peter pan, poetry, postsecret, queer theory, richard speight junior, sam tyler, sam winchester, sci-fi, scotty, scrubs, sherlock, sherlock holmes, shiny things, shipping, simon pegg, slash, southern comfort, squee, star trek, star wars, stonehenge apocalypse, supernatural, swearing, tattoos, tea, texas, the doctor, the moon, the ocean, the ramones, the who, tim minchin, time travel, titus welliver, torchwood, unicorns, vanilla, vicky t, victoria vantoch, watchmen, wincest, wishes, writing, yorkshire